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Every person God has created has a special vocation, a calling from Him to the way of life we can best glorify Him in. Every vocation is beautiful, for it shows us the path of God's Will for our life.We must discern where He is leading us --whether towards the married life, the religious life, or the single life in the world. Even within the category of religious life, there are hundreds of different Orders and charisms. We need not fear though that we will never be able to make the right choice from so many. Our Lord does not abandon us.
Spend time before Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament and place yourself entirely in His Hands. Ask Him to show you His will and how He wants you to serve Him. If you feel drawn to the religious life, don't be afriad to contact different Orders and learn more about their charisms. Check out our Recommended Reading page to learn more about our own cloistered calling. And most importantly, listen for God's call in your heart. It is often not very loud, but can only be heard in the stillness of a heart open to the Divine Bridegroom.

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